About Us


Sin Heap Lee Development Sdn. Bhd. is an experienced and established property developer with a proven track record of successfully developing the largest housing schemes in each of the growth areas which it is involved in. Sin Heap Lee Development Sdn. Bhd. has earned a reputation for ensuring that all housing schemes undertaken, are completed on time, of high quality and come complete with well-planned infrastructure and environmental friendly landscaping.


Community Building

As is clearly evident, the Sin Heap Lee brand is about creating living spaces that are centred on communal living, as well as crafting social environments on which the experience of living together becomes meaningful. Community is more than a word to us, it is a milestone of dedication for us.


Sustainable Living

Complementary to creating great living & social spaces, the Sin Heap Lee brand also ensures sustainability of communal living within a complete township. This is achieved actively by our Curation of good retail brands that serve the community from the Town Centre, to the upkeep of our magnificent Landscaping.



Sin Heap Lee believes in the time-tested aesthetics of fair faced bricks, especially the rustic nature of red bricks that serve as naturally elegant adornments to most of our homes and properties. We also know that the value of quality is represented by how we put the right materials together such that they serve the life purpose of our stakeholder residents.


Buyer Assurance

In line with our focus on back-to-basics principle of quality, Sin Heap Lee is the emblem of confidence for providing our property purchasers with the complete package they are looking for – from high level community creation, to long term sustainability, and attention to detail in all our building basics.

Sin Heap Lee above all advocates the principle of Build then Sell in line with our Brand promise as expressed through our Philosophy and our Values.

All the features and qualities apparent from our Promise thus is centred on “If you see the actually desired, then you buy your actually desired”. This is the Sin Heap Lee Brand Promise.